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Dressing Trends

Dressing Trendsimage-dressing-trends

It is fun to go shopping for trendy clothes, and it is even better to feel good about yourself. Presentation is very important and we all like to feel attractive – We encourage you to feel and look attractive. However, girls your age love the extra attention that dressing sexily invites, but are you equipped to deal with the sexual pressure that can result?

Very provocative clothing can get you into sexual deep waters you may not be prepared to handle. When you dress too sexy, you may feel strong, powerful and rebellious, and yes, you draw attention, but for the wrong reasons. You have a lot more to offer than a beautiful body, the inner you is more important to be known and when you show your personality you find true, authentic relationships. So, don’t be afraid to be yourself, and why not, to express a bit of attitude, but not by showing your body. There are plenty of trendy cute clothes out there that will make you look very attractive and decent at the same time.


How does the male mind works:
Most young girls wear fashion with much naiveté. You have no clue how your appearance impacts boys. To help you understand how the male mind works, let’s use a visual design theory called The Gestalt Theory. Graphic designers employ this theory to control the length of time a person looks at an image by using an incomplete image to draw the viewer's attention. Completing the incomplete intrigues the human brain, so a person will always pause to finish an unfinished picture.

When a guy sees a girl walking down the street wearing a tight shirt with her belly bared, he completes the picture. A low-cut blouse, a tight T-shirt, a long slit in a long skirt, or a mini-skirt are just enough of a peek at the body to cause a guy to finish the picture.

You need to be cautious not to awaken the imagination of many men by inviting them to complete the picture of your body. Again, it might feel great to attract attention from men, but that attention is based on something completely random. It has nothing to do with you. When you understand that male attention—particularly teenage male attention—has nothing to do with you, you'll begin to see that you only cheapens yourself by playing into this male impulse.


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